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The devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be overstated. One of the losses we currently face is the suspension of classes for our children. And, academically, young students from low-income families in grades K-8 are hurting the most. 


With this understanding, A Little Joy Initiative has urgently assembled a team of tutors comprised of working professionals and students from Stanford University and other prestigious colleges. They provide virtual tutoring services free of charge for students in grades K-8 from low-income, under-served families. To ensure a lasting impact on and sustained improvement of students, our Free Tutoring Program will continue as an ongoing service by our volunteer tutors.

If you are a parent of a K-8 grade student or are a student in a low-income household and are in need of free tutoring, please sign up below.*

For Vibrant Minds Scholars, please use this form:

* If you are not of this category but want to help, please pass this information to those who are in need of free tutoring!

Tutoring: About Us


Our Tutors and Tutees hail from all parts of the U.S.

We welcome you, no matter where you live, free of charge.

100+ Tutors and counting

Our Tutors are college students and professionals from Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, Duke and other reputed institutions.


Tutees are matched with Tutors based on a variety of criteria, such as Grade Level, Subject, and Availability.



Our Tutors are excited to help in all subjects, including Reading, Math, Science, Arts and Computer Science.

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Simon E.

I am a recent graduate from Stanford University, where I studied physics. In the fall, I will begin a PhD in physics at Harvard University. I am passionate about making education more inclusive and accessible, particularly through online teaching.

Betsy K.

I am an economics major at Stanford University, where I also work as a French Language Conversation Partner. In my free time, I enjoy playing chamber music with friends, going to the movie theater, and eating Korean food. 

Suman T.

I am a current Master's in Data Science student at Columbia University. I'm originally from the Bay Area and did my undergrad at Berkeley. I've tutored throughout high school and college because I love teaching and working with kids. Tutoring truly brings me a lot of joy and personal fulfillment.  

Ben H.

I am currently a freshman at Stanford. I am originally from Connecticut. On campus, I am involved in programs like Cardinal Free Clinics. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, watching Netflix, and folding origami!

Teacher Helping Student


If you are interested in helping those less fortunate and have some time, please consider volunteering as one of our tutors. Parents and children all over the country need us right now!

Sign up using the link below.

Tutoring: Who We Are

Meet some of our  Tutors...


What if I do not hear from you after signing up?

No problem! After you sign up using the Google form and agree to the Guidelines, we have your basic information with your primary email (and telephone number, if provided). We will work on matching you with a student who has the need for being tutored on the subject(s) you preferred, hopefully within the time zone similar to yours. Sometimes, we have more tutors than tutees in need (or vice versa). So, some waiting for a match is expected but you are already in the roster of A Little Joy Tutoring. Thank you!

How often is tutoring? How long are tutoring sessions?

Is there a built-in curriculum?

Generally, there should be one session of 60 minutes per week for each student. However, depending on the availability of the tutor, the tutee, and the tutee’s parent/guardian, more sessions and/or different time periods can be arranged between tutors and students’ parents.

A Little Joy Tutoring is a supplemental or remedial tutoring service. There is no built-in curriculum or “standard” textbook with specific instructional materials. Tutors are to help students with the materials they have from schools. Of course, other materials can be used in teaching if appropriate, relevant and needed.

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